Friday, 28 June 2013


It is necessary to give answers of following questions satisfactorily by the Managing Committee  to check the health of their Housing Society.

1. Are all papers included in the register book of the society? If not, then whether the reorganization of this register is made by obtaining proper papers from the concerned machinery?

2. Whether  one  of  the  following  or  any  other  application  of  the  member  is pending for more than one week for want of decision or without informing the mistakes in the             application  to that member, or  without giving acknowledgement :
1) Application for transfer of membership.
2) Application for taking note of the nominee.
3) Application for internal repairing of the flat.
4) Application for seeking permission for sub-letting a flat.
5) Application for seeking NOC in the prescribed format for demanding loan from the Bank on pledging the flat.
6) Any  other  type  (regarding  bills,  charges,  special  general  body  meeting, parking) application.

3. Whether the society has done conveyance deed process for ownership of the building  place?

4. Whether the society has done a structural audit of the building as per provision in the bye-laws?

5. Whether  the  transparent  method  as  mentioned  in  the  circular  of  the  Co-
Operation  department  has  been  adopted  for  doing  re-development,  re- construction  and  major  repairing  by  taking  sanction  of  the  general  body meeting?

6. Whether  the  election  was  conducted  by  observing  election  rules?  

7. Whether the list of records to be kept is maintained as per bye-laws? And whether the record is in order actually according to that list and entries were updated?

8. Whether the Managing Committee meetings, Annual general meeting was held? Whether the audited financial statements sent to the members with the notice of the general body meeting? Whether  the minutes of the meeting  sent to the members within three months after the meeting?

 9. Whether the arrangement of parking is made as per bye-laws?  Whether the waiting list for parking is published and allotment made accordingly?

10. Whether   precautions   taken  to   charging       maintenance   charges,   transfer premium,  non occupancy charges as  per  circulars  of  the government and society’s bye-laws?

11. Whether  the  Housing  Society  has  taken  the  membership  of  the  Housing Federation  and  by  subscribing  their  publication  like  monthly  magazine, journal etc. and read out the new important provisions/amendments in it in the managing committee meeting and taken decision accordingly or not?

12. Whether  the  members  of  the  managing  committee  or  a  member  of  the society,  manager,   employee  were  present  in  the  camp,  lecture,  training diploma exam organized by the co-operation training center, co-operation board, housing federation, co-operation department or any other organization?

13. Whether  the  society  accepted  the  model  bye-laws  of  the  co-operation department?

14. Was the representative of  the co-operation department was present in the meeting of the general body where the process of appointing developer took place in the authorities like SRA, MHADA?
Is the C.D. Of Video Shooting of this general body meeting is available to the society?

15. Whether the managing committee has organized any program like festival, sports, cultural, picnic, tree plantation, environmental for creation cordial, co- operation among the members of the society? And whether expenditure made on it by taking independent voluntary contribution?

16. Whether the complaint Redressal committee was formed in the general body meeting on the society level?

17. Whether the society accepted the option to take action after taking the guidance of the Housing Federation in respect of the complaints in society?

18. Whether the managing committee taken efforts to motivate other members for Participation in the managing committee of the society?

19. Whether the financial statements, Accounts Books and other documents make easily available to the members as demanded and copies were given to them easily?

20. Whether  the  society  has  obeyed  orders,  directives,  circulars  of  the  co- operation department  and instructions in it and have made amends as per remarks in the audit report?

21. Whether everyone experienced that the atmosphere and mutual relations in the Society is cordial, cheerful and mutually co-operative?


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  3. Ok. show what are you excepting from me

  4. Please tell me what is the recommended peroliod ofdue
    date for payment of maintenance from the time of maintenance bill given.
    Also the secretary of my society does not give proper reply to the queries. What can be done about it?

    1. Normally 15 days is given from the date of bill generation as due date of payment of bill.

      Send letter to chairman of society and inform him/her to give proper reply to queries.


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