Friday, 8 March 2019

Stamp duty amnesty scheme 2019 declared.

 Amnesty scheme 2019. Forms of Adjudication started 1st week March 2019. Scheme valid 6 months till 30th August, 2019. Those who want to clear their stamp duty and penalty part on any old documents can take benefit of this scheme. Especially who are going for Redevelopment or Deemed Conveyances.

Scheme is available only for Residential properties.

Presently penalty is maximum 400%  on the deficit amount and now under amnesty it would be only 10% of deficit.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Housing Society getting Notice from GST Dept. For Profession Tax ENROLMENT

Now Maharashtra GST Dept. is issuing notice to thous housing society who has GST No for Enrolment under Profession Tax and Make Yearly Payment of Rs. 2500/-

Notice format is as follow

(See rule 13) 

No. PTO___/ FORM V/2018-19/_____ Dt. ___

(Society Name & Address)

 Where as being liable to registration/enrolment under section 5 of the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades. Callings and Employments Act, 1975,

you have failed to apply for a certificate of Registration/Enrolment within the required time; You are hereby given notice to show-cause why a penalty

not exceeding Rs. 20/ Rs. 5 for each day of delay should not be imposed on you according to law. Please take notice that the cause shown by you will be heared by the undersigned within seven days 

 Place: ...............................                                                      Signature ....................................
  Date: ...................................                                                  Professional Tax Officer 

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Amend the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act of 1960, dated 30th October 2018

An Ordinance to amend the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act of 1960, dated 30th October 2018 with immediate effect
Salient features of New Housing Chapter in MCS Act 1960.
1. Elections to the housing societies fir less than 200 members to be conducted internally by the society .
2. Concept of new members like Joint and provisional members introduced
3. Concept of Coop Hsg Association introduced to facilitate the formation of association of less than 5 societies for conveyance or Deemed conveyance matters .
4. Penaltyof Rs.25000 on Management committee introduced for not allowing inspections of documents u/s 32.
5.Scope of Sec.32 in inspection of documents widened .
6.Role of Housing federations widened .
7. HUF is specially included as person in the definition which was not included earlier .
8. Defaulter is specifically defined now in the Act itself.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Right to fill the nominal vacancies in the Managing Committee. Commissioner of the State co operative Election Authority, Madhukar Chaudhary

व्यवस्थापक समितीला नैमत्तिक रिक्त पदे भरण्याचा अधिकार, रा.स.नि. प्राधिकरणाचे आयुक्त मधुकर चौधरी

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Skip General Body, lose Housing society rights

Habitual absentees to be tagged ‘inactive’, may lose right to vote

Housing society members, who are habitually absent from society meetings, maybe in for some bad news even as the government prepares to curb the fundamental rights of these flat owners.

In a recent order by the state commissioner for cooperation and registrar of cooperative societies issued to all the divisional and district deputy registrar of cooperative housing societies asking for such habitually absent members as ‘inactive’. The order says that any member, who continues to skip the general body meetings for five consecutive years, will also lose the right to cast his vote during society elections as well as the right to contest the election.

The order is an outcome of a recent amendment in section 26 of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960.

Cooperation commissioner Vijay Zade, in his order, says, “It is mandatory to attend at least one general body meeting as per the section (2) of the Act. During these five years the members must have communication at least once in any form with the society. Absence of both the conditions will compel the society’s management committee to declare such member as ‘inactive’.”

Zade’s order also states, “Following the declaration of a member as ‘inactive’, if he or she remains absent for another five years, it will invite the termination of his/her membership. A period of 60 days will be granted to submit the appeal.”

“The name of such members will be dropped from the voters’ list and he/she will also be disqualified from contesting the election of the management committee. The management committee will have to maintain separate records of such inactive members. The list also needs to be sent to the department of cooperation,” the order adds.

State cooperative election authority (SCEA) commissioner Madhukar Chaudhari confirmed the development and said, “Through the order by the commissioner of cooperation, the rule will be implemented across the state. This will help reduce the practice of avoiding meetings. This order will help increase active participation of the members to maintain democracy in the housings societies.”

Chaudhari, however, clarified that a member can have exemptions from attending the meeting by taking prior permission from the management committee.

Talking to Pune Mirror, advocate Sachin Hinganekar, joint executive president of Pune Divisional Federation of Co-operative Housing Societies, said, “This is indeed a great decision. This will certainly help to avoid monopoly in the housing societies, participation in greater numbers will help to take collective decisions. Just buying a property will not serve the cause.”