Friday, 12 April 2013

Fire Audit of Housing Society

As per Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Mcasures  Act 2006  every society who has more than G+4 floor and install the fire fighting equipment in the society  has to conduct Fire Audit in every Six months as per Sec 3 [1]. It is the responsibility  of Managing Committee to conduct the fire Audit of society  from Licensed Agency approve under Sec 12 of this Act.

As per Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Mcasures  Rule 2009 4 [02] the society has to  submit the Certificate to the concern Municipal Cooperation / Municipal council / Concern Authority.  The format of the certificate is as follows


  1. I want to know wheather a co-op housing society which is recently registered and in the process of printing stationary include a logo of a person (eg.Shivaji) on their letterhead. If yes , do we need to take approvals from SRA or any other authority.

  2. It is better to take a approval of Registrar of C.S. My suggestion is not to include a logo of any person, God on letterhead. Since many time we submit this in many govt. office and they do not keep paper properly. So it is de respect of that person ,god.

  3. Thanks.we shall proceed accordingly.

  4. Dear Sir,

    Since last past 2 years society committee member secretory and chairman harassed me for leakage from my toilet and bathroom to lower flat and several complaints to Dy. registrar, MBMC and even in police station. I have done all possible work to stop leakage problem to below flat, but in to vain and leakage continue. All my plumber and civil people told me that leakage is from above floor or exterior drain pipe joint and also explained to society committee but they were not ready to understand. I

    Now myself, My plumber and Civil contractor repaired the exterior drain pipe joint for above 4 floor, past 15 days there is no water leakage is below as well as in my flat.

    Please advice me, I have spend a lot of money to rectify and leakage problem which was not from my flat. and also done repair work which was in scope for society. I Need my all hard earn money wastage by these full people.


    1. now you have to file recovery case to recover this money from society in Co-operative court. You have to make C/S/T of society & Dy. Registrar & MBMC building engg. as party in court.You have to give all bills and other supporting document


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