Sunday, 1 July 2012

Duties,Responsibilities and Function of Housing Society Member's

If member is educated knowledgeable, then Managing Committee[MC] becomes automatically very strong. Member is the SOUL of Co-Operative Society.

  1. Each member is having one vote power which, can be used in General Body Meeting [AGM].
  2. Member together can rise vote of No Confidence on MC. Member.
  3. Member has right to receive Share Certificate when share amount paid and fulfilled conditions as per Bye Laws.
  4. Member can raise objection for Society Charges raised, when it is not as per AGM Resolutions.
  5. Member can do complaint for services, address to the Secretary of the Society.
  6. Member has right to receive Receipt when Society Bills paid by Cheque or Cash.
  7. Member are having right to receive NOC for sale of flat as per Bye Laws.
  8. Member has right to change nominee or to record nominee as per his/her WILL. But each change of nominee after first nominee record by Society he/she has to pay Rupees 50/- each for every change to Society.
  9. Member has right to use premises as per object of the Society.
  10. Member can defend case filled by the Society.
  11. Member can suggest better methods of Society working in AGM.
  12. Member should give co-operation to other member and MC member from time to time for all type of activities.
  13. When MC. not functioning properly member can raise objection 
  14. 1/3 of member  can make complaint to Dy./Asst. Registrar  of Co-operative Society for malfunctioning of Society , to do inquiry,investigation of financial position and working of the Society.
  15. Member has right to see Accounts ,other records, documents of the Society.
  16. Member has right to elect as MC member by taking part in election of Society after fulfilled conditions as per Bye Laws.
  17. Member has right to get copy of A/C ,records, minutes and other documents.
  18. Membership come to an end  a] By Resignation b] Transfer of Share c] Death of a member d] Expulsion of member.

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