Sunday, 24 June 2012


Important circular on housing society management for
1. Levy of penalty for remaining absent at the General Body Meetings and not participating in elections of society.
2. Provisions for the safety of the member
3. Decision about the day and date of the AGM and Managing committee meetings.
4. Regarding the M-20 Bond
5. Minutes of the managing committee meeting
6.Accounts of the Society.
7. Machinery for Redressal.
8. Registration of the Federation of Co-operative Housing Societies at Ward level.
9. Appointment of Administrator.
10. Audit of the Accounts.
11. To develop the computerized control system.
12. Working of AGM/Managerial Body Meeting
13.Appointment of the manager for the working of co-operative societies.
The circular is as follow-


  1. What or how much fine shall have to be added to members account?
    And as we are planning for redevelopment so the representative of Dy.Rgistrar shall be present at the Special general meetin,so,what if the member does not attend that meeting?

  2. Fine amount should be decide and approve by AGM of Society. Copy of this Fine resolution approved in AGM should be given to Dy. Registrar C.S. office and take approval from them. After that you can implement this Fine as written in Circular

    Not only Dy. Registrar representative present in meeting but also video shooting should be done for all other detail view GR on redevelopment which is post on my blog

    you should write NOTE in bottom of Redevelopment SAGM Notice that member who is not present will bound the decision taken on this meeting. No suggestion or objection rise by the member who is not present in the meeting is consider.
    Only person whose name written in share Certificate i.e. Member of society is allow to attend the meeting No Proxy or POA holder are allow.

  3. Can Housing Society levy penalty for using front place of Shop by Shop owners?

    1. how are you using front space ? are you cover this front space ?

    2. Yes I have put awnings. But let me know whether Society may charge penalty every month? If you are having any GR or circular pl send.

    3. Society can charge penalty every month if it is approved in AGM of the society.

    4. Although this is coming under Municipal Corporation's and how Society can levy penalty?

  4. Can MC pass resolution in AGM for charging penalty for not attending AGM?

    1. yes. Their is government resolution. which is post in my blog

  5. We have 76 members (46 Flats & 30 Shops) in our society. How many can we have in Managing Committee?


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