Thursday, 2 June 2016

Changes in TDS limits W.E.F. 01/06/2016


  1. What is crietaria /feedback for entries in form AB to be submitted at the time of registration of housing society
    Thanks . Have agood day


    1. Finalization of Accounts 15th May
    2 Accounts to be handed over for Audit 1st June
    3 Accounts completion 31st July
    4 Audit Report Upload 31st Aug or 15th Sept.
    5 AGM Date 30th Sept.
    6 Mandatory Annual Return by Society 30th Sept.
    7 Mandatory Return by Society about Auditor appointment One month after AGM or 31st October
    8 Online Audit order generation by auditor 31st October
    9 Audit Rectification Report by Society 3 months from the date of submission of report by auditor
    10 Rectification Report upload by Auditor thru’ Auditor Login Once received from Society
    As per provisions of Section 73 (CA) to held committee and members responsible having failed to comply, provisions of Section 146(G) to held responsible for submission of the report with incorrect details and as per section 87 to be held responsible failed to upload detailed report will be presumed as having committed crime. The crime is punishable and as per Section 147 (G) by levying penalty to the extent of Rs.5,000/-.
    As per above information every week of August & September the Registrar will be visiting the website & take information that how many co-operative societies submitted the Application in his jurisdiction, failing which Registrar shall take action against them.

    - Ramesh N

  3. I am going to for selrction of auditor on clicking 'sweekrut lekha parikshak" message comes "kuthla hee data parat aalaa naahi". I m trying for last so many days now what to do for online appointment of auditor?


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