Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Charges for Co-operative Education Training

As per MCS Act 24(a) each co-operative society has to give Co-operative education to its members from State level or District level co-operative education institute.

As per rule 20B & 30A training period for Managing Committee  is minimum 1 days and maximum 3 days in 5 year

For other members of society training should be completed in 5 years . Training period  is minimum 1 days and maximum 3 days.

Charges is as follow

Total Members               Charges

up to 30                          Rs. 1,500/-

31 to 100                        Rs. 2,000/-

101 to 200                      Rs. 2,500/-

201 to 300                      Rs. 3,000/-

from 301 to every next 100 member Rs. 500/- extra fees



  1. Hi Visariya,

    I need to validate the registration of my Housing society and need to have the website name/ URL along with the process of checking the registration details.
    Would be thankful for you help.
    Here are few details :
    Date : 14-08-2012
    reg no. : 10917/2012

    let me know if any further info/details are required.

    1. For this detail is provide in the following link


  2. Hi Mr. Visaria,

    This is regarding car parking issue between me & our society new MC. I own two cars and our society allows one car to be parked in premises and other car is not allowed. Few days back the old MC was allowing both the cars with double the charges for the second car. The society number of members is 128 and MC claims they have space for all 128 members cars can be parked in premises whereas only 56 members own cars and rest parking is unused. On the other hand my flat is owned under partnership of me & my father as two owner members and on the basis of which we claim two parking slots. Is it possible that I can claim two slots based on number of owners & membership given by the society for a single flat.

    Kindly suggest,

    Pravin Yadav, Thane.


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