Thursday, 26 March 2015

How to define Active Members.

Following are the criteria for the Active Members.

1. One who has purchased and owns a Flat / Unit in the society.
2. One who attends at least one General Body Meeting of the Society in the previous Five consecutive years.
3. Who has paid the Society Maintenance Service and other charges at least once in previous consecutive Five years.

Now for point no. 1:-  The society have agreement copy and then it can be examined name of member easily.

But for point no. 2 & 3 following is the necessary steps having to taken by society.

For point no. 2 :- In General Body Meeting i.e. in GB / AGM before  any other matter to be brought to the meeting with the permission of chair & vote of thanks from chair. Secretary of the society has to write name of the Present members & Absent members and has to read out at the meeting.

For Point no. 3 :- Secretary of the society has to give a list of defaulters i.e. members having outstanding amount as on 31st  March of the last financial year, which is sign by Auditor and C/S/T of the society along with audit report and Notice of AGM to each members and Secretary has to take Sign from each members that they received this.    


  1. @visariya Sir,I have a doubt regarding a flat in a Chs located in thane,maharashtra.
    The flat has two share holders A and B having equal share holding (50-50%).it's share certificate shows as " in the name of A and B".
    A dies.A's husband died long back and she has only one son.she has 5 sisters and 1 brother.A has not nominated anybody.after a year,her son also dies in an who is entitled to A's shares...whether son's wife or A's brother and sisters or B?And what is to be done now?

    1. You have to ask Succession certificate or Legal Heirs ship certificate from Hon. Court

  2. Visariya Sir, Want to ask one question..

    Can a committee member (Treasurer) himself be a Contract Accountant for his society, is there any law which can be prohibit?


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  5. The 1st Point for Active member in bye law reads " Who has purchased and/or owns the F|at / Unit in the Society". Whats the importance of Word "OR" in it

    I have not purchased flat but have received it as a gift from family member. Society has transferred the flat in my name.

    Now since i haven't purchased the flat does that qualify me as a Non Active member for ever.

    Also to become an Active member do all the 3 points must be fulfilled or by fulfilling any 1 criteria of 3 criteria a member be classified as Active member

  6. You received the flat in Gift Deed so you owns the flat. So you can become Active members. All 3 criteria should be fulfilled

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  8. Dear Visariyaji,


    Can a Caretaker Committee (Status of Caretaker till the New Elections take place as per the Government Notification) follow the Minutes of the General Body Meeting as the resolution had been passed by the General Body to charge interest of 21% per annum and a penalty of 1% per week to all members who delay their REPAIR CONTRIBUTION Cheques?

    As per the resolution passed in the General Body Meeting, the above will be applicable from the 1st day of the NEXT MONTH for the cheque due in the current month.

    We are a CHS of 20 members, each member has to contribute Rs. 2.25 lakhs approx. for a major repair for the society building.

    Hemesh Shenoy
    For NAVRANG CHS, Chaitanya Nagar, Vakola Bridge, Mumbai 400 055

    1. Remember as per bye-laws you can charge interest on delay payment maximum upto 21% only you can not charge 1% extra per week.


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