Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Important decision given by State Cooperative Election Commissioner for voting

 State Cooperative Election Commissioner Shri Madhukar Chaudhary has removing some of the most undesirable complexities and to make the election rules clear and simpler for co-operative housing societies by declaring:
1) the Elections of all housing societies will now be through secret ballot; provided there is no unanimity over managing committee candidates
2) The members aspiring to fight elections will get enough time to prove their validity in case of objection over their nominations.
3) The associate members will be able to vote only if they are second to the owner on the share certificate of the property.


  1. HI,
    So the earlier judgement regarding associate member dated march 2014 is superceeded by this decision?

    1. This voting is for electing managing committee of society

  2. Visariya Sir,

    Please help me with the below queries

    1. The managing Committee is not sending any minutes of AGMSGM held for the past 2years.

    2. Our last AGM was held on Sep 2014, but this year the AGM was conducted on 15th November 2014, so is there any deadline for holding AGM,

    3. Also the Committee did not distribute the signed and stamped audited copy by auditors of books of accounts to members, nor Auditors/Managing Committee report (Balance sheet, Income expenditure etc.). I also have a doubt whether they have filed the document online.

    4. I was admitted as a associate member by filling form no 7 & paying prescribed Rs. 100/- in jan 2012(Flat held by my mom and dad jointly they had given me the permission to be associate member), suddenly the new committee has removed me from redevelopment committee without informing me and passing any resolution in AGM/SGM. They only gave verbal reason stating the new amendments. Pls suggest how to solve this issue.

    5. IF a flat is jointly held by Husband & Wife can either of them vote in the AGM/SGM

    Sir Request you to please reply on the above queries and what would you suggest in the above situation and if it would be great if we can give the supporting documents(laws/Amendments/acts).

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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