Sunday, 26 October 2014

Letter to State Cooperative Election Authority [ SCEA ] for conduct Election of Managing Committee

All housing society has to send this letter on their society letter head ,sign by Chairman , Secretary &  Treasurer. To conduct their Managing Committee election.

State Co-operative Election Commission, M.S. PUNE,
Ground Floor, Old Central Building,
Pune- 411001

Sub:- Regarding our Housing Society Managing Committee Election

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find following information as required by your good office to conduct the election in our society.


Name of the Society with Reg. Number and full address
Bye-Laws No. regarding strength of the committee
Total strength of members to the committee to be elected

Date by which last election of the office bearer
Date by which the term of present committee in office will expire

Reg. No. _______
Add:- ______
  As per model bye-laws 2009                                                                                                                                                 Bye Laws No. 115 General =__ Women =__
 Total =
No. of Constituencies = 1
No. of Member=___

As per Model bye-laws 2014
Bye Laws No. 115    General = Women =
 Total =


Sr. No.
Name of Co-operative Society With Registration No. and Address
Date of Result which last election of Managing committee was held declared
Date on which term of present MC Members in Office to expire
Names of constituencies as per bye-laws
No of MC members to be elected against each constituency
Reg. No. ___________
Add:- _________


I _____________ Secretary of the ____________ CO-OPERATIVE HOUSING SOCIETY LTD, Reg. Address: - _________________________ hereby certify that:-

1.      The Society shall prepare provisional Voters list of the members prior to that date and on or before expiry of 120/150 days;
2.      The information furnished in the Form E-2 is as correct and derived from the records of the society;
3.      The particulars to be included in the provisional voter list shall be according to rule No. 6 of these rules.



                                                              Provisional Voter List 

1.       Name & Address of the Society:-
2.       Registration No. & Date:-
3.       Total Members as on date of Publication of Provisional Voters List:-
4.       Total eligible voters as on date of Publication of Provisional Voter List:-
Sr. No.
Name of the member (in alphabetic order, surname, first name and middle name )
Membership No.

Note:- Society may prepare provisional voter list considering the area of operation, branch and the convenience of the conduct election

Place:-                                                                                    name & signature of the secretary


Request you to inform us if any other information required and conduct election as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully. 


  1. Is this mandatory for societies with less than 20 members?

  2. Dear Sir, Good Morning! Is there any Govt. notification that we have to write letter to State Election Commission to conduct election to the managing committee of the society. What are the norms? Has the model By-laws has been approved and whether it has been made available in the Federation. Kindly explain in detail. Thanks & Regards. - Ramesh N

  3. Following are the Govt. Notification link. Read it it will give you all answer.

  4. Sir, Good Morning! Our housing society is having 24 members and had our election to the managing committee in last June, 2014. We came to understand as per the govt. notification that the election stands invalid. Is it mandatory to hold election before 31st December, 2014 or else we can postpone till March 2014, and let the present committee continue. If we to hold election now which clause and rules are applicable as per the new govt. notification. It'll appreciated if you could kindly advise in details. Thanks & Regards - Ramesh N

    1. It is mandatory to hold election before 31/12/2014. you can not over rule government order. Society has to give Form E-1,E-2 & E-3 to Dy. Registrar of C.S. of your area after that he/she appoint returning officer then returning officer will take pending process. it is his/her duty to finish the election of your society on time

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  6. Sir, Good Morning! Request you to kindly respond to my query so that the same can be implemented in our society. Thanks & Regards - Ramesh N

  7. Our housing Society, 5 years old is functioning satisfactorily and we have had a fresh election sometimes in Nov. 2013 for the second EC. The society does not have any problems except that no one volunteers for the EC and we have to coax the members in doing so. Is it absolutely necessary that the elections be held within one year of our last election? As a chairman of the society, my main worry will be there may not be adequate candidature. Please advise.

  8. So new MC is elected in Nov-13 so its term from Nov-13 to Oct-18.

  9. What is the procedure if there is no need for an election for MC. Like in the above post in our society too we find it very difficult to get members to volunteer for MS. So it is mutually decided at the AGM.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Now onwards this mutually decided Managing committee in AGM with out State co-operative election office is not legally valid. If some member go against the decision of this type of MC then MC can not do any thing for that. Also bank will not change your a/c sign.

  10. We are CHS of 20 members. Our society was registered in 2013. since then provisional committee is not changed. Now all the members want to go for fresh election for which current chairman is opposing.Is it compulsory to send the request on SOC letter head and signed by MC?

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  12. During August 2014 AGM, MC elections were held and after following due election process, new MC was elected and term was set for 2 years. Last AGM we adopted New Model Bye-laws. Can we hols MC elections this AGM as per new rules.


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