Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Society Documents Handover from builder

Here is a comprehensive checklist any Society will require for a smooth Handover from the Builder:
Checklist For Handover From Builder To The Society / Owners Association
1. Property
P1. Property Documents executed between the Landowners and Builders [Xerox copy]
P2. Approved Construction Plan [Original]

P3 Approved RCC Plan with certificate [Original]

P4  Architect Certificate for area of each flat / parking space/ common area etc. [Original]
P5. Completion Certificate [Original]
P6. Occupancy Certificate [Original]
P7. NOC from Fire Department [Original]
P8. NOC from Electrical Inspector [Original] [If lift is installed in building]
P9. Clearance to operate Elevators [Original] [If lift is installed in building]
P10. Lift License [Original] [if applicable]

P11.  Extract of 7/12 OR CTS and Mutation Entry No.  [Original]

P12. NA order  [Original]

P13. ULC Order [Original]

P14.  Property Insurance Document [Original ] (if any)

 2. Operations
O1 Approved CC  building plan from Local Municipal Body.
O2 Approved OC  building plan from Local Municipal Body
 O3. Drawings of the Electrical Wiring including Earthling Points [Original]

O4. Drawings of the Water Piping [Original]
O5. STP Drawing & certification by Pollution Control Board [Original]
O6. Waste Disposal system with approval from Pollution Control Board [Original]
O7. AMC Documents – Lift, Generator, Transformer, Pumps, Gym Equipment’s   etc. [Original]
O8. Invoices and Warranties for all Assets – Pumps, Lift, Generator, Transformer, Pool Equipment’s, Gym Equipment’s [Original]

O9. Maintenance Schedule for all Assets
O10. Work Schedule of all Staff maintaining the complex

3. Finance
 F1. Payment Record for Taxes towards Property, Construction and Maintenance 

 F2. Payment Record for City/Municipality Water Supply [original]

 F3.NA TAX Payment Record [original]
F4. Record of Maintenance Expenses while under Builder’s Maintenance [Xerox]
F5. Record of all Collections made from the Owners (except purchase related) [original]
F6. Contracts with existing Maintenance, Security staff (could be same as L6) [original]
4. Legal
 L1. Sale Deed copy/Proof of Ownership of all Owners [Xerox]

L2. Share Certificate Copies for all Owners (where applicable)
L3. Khatha Certificate Copies for all Owners (where applicable)
L4. Car Parking Allocation Record [original]
L5. All Legal Documents executed between the Builder & Landowner (could be same as P1) [Xerox]
L6. Contracts with Vendors [original]

L7. Undertaking by the Builder regarding Indemnity & Limitation of Liabilities of the Society for all transactions prior to the Handover Date. [original]


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