Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Understanding of Area in a Housing Society

Super Area : There is no official definition of or method to calculate the super area of a flat in a group housing project. The super area of a flat is the sum total of the area it covers and the owner’s share in the total common area of the project.

Covered Area : The total area under the roof of a flat is called the covered area. This is also called the plinth area and includes everything such as area of the wall, shaft, staircase, corridor, balcony area, lift, lift well, water supply installations, garbage chute, firefighting, air conditioning, etc.

Carpet Area : According to the Bureau of Indian Standards the carpet area will mean the floor area of the usable rooms at any floor level. So, covered area – wall (doors),pillars, supports, built-in cupboard, almirah etc. equals carpet area.

Built-up Area : The built-up area in a group housing project includes vertical and horizontal expansion. All covered and common areas are part of the built-up area. Built area is equal to the total FAR a developer is allowed to cover.

Common Area : Facilities and areas that all apartment owners in a group housing project can access are called common areas. Corridor, passages, staircase,Underground/overhead water tanks, stair cover, entrance lobbies, club etc. are common areas.

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