Friday, 16 August 2013

Name of the report supposed to upload on the website.

The following Reports are supposed to upload by the Auditor only. Since society do not have logging id & password for the uploading the same on the website.

Sr No Return Type of Return Section Provision
1 Mandatory Return 1 Annual Report of Activities As per Section 79(1A) View
2 Mandatory Return 2 Audited Statement of Accounts    
2 (a)   Balance Sheet    
2 (b)   Profit and Loss As per Section 79(1A) Upload
3 Mandatory Return 3 Plan for Surplus Distribution As per Section 79(1A) View
4 Mandatory Return 4 List of Amendment to ByLaws As per Section 79(1A) View
5 Mandatory Return 5 Date of holding AGM and Election As per Section 79 (1B) Upload
6 Mandatory Return 6 Name of Auditor and Return Consent As per Section 79 (1B) Upload

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