Thursday, 27 September 2012

Notification for New Member Voting Rights


  1. Dear Amit Visariya Ji

    Thanks a lot for above information(Notification for New Member Voting Rights)

    But Model Bye-laws 2009 still states as below:

    106. Voting right of a member
    Voting right of a member and an associate member of the Society shall be regulated in accordance with the provisions of Sections 27(1) and (2) (3) & (3) A of the MCS Act 1960.

    isn't it contradictory!!

    Vidyasagar Desai

    1. Not at all Contradictory. In Sec. 27 (1),(2),(3)Of MCS Act 1960 CHS has remove from 27(3)which is written in GR. You should read MCS Act 1960 & MCS Rule 1961 with all its latest Modification. RememberMCS Act 1960 & MCS Rule 1961 is for all type of Co-operative Society which includes Co-Op. Bank, Credit Society, Pethpedhi, Consumer Co-operative Society, Employee Credit Society, Co-operative Housing Society, Agricultural Co-operative Society,Milk Co-operative Society, Life Irrigation Co-operative Society,Sugar Co-operative Society etc so Rule & Act is maid general. You have to view in accordance with Co-operative Housing Society Only


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