Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Duties & Responsibilities & Function of the Secretary.

Secretary  is Functional Officer of the Society. Secretary is Planner, Organizer,Executing and Controlling activities of the Society. Function of Secretary are as follows:-

  1. To ensure to hold every month meeting  of MC.
  2. To prepare Agenda for MC meeting.
  3. To issue notice with Agenda for MC meeting to member of MC.
  4. To  read and confirm the meeting of last MC meeting.
  5. To prepare Agenda for AGM/SGM meeting.
  6. To issue notice with Agenda for AGM/SGM meeting to all member of the society.
  7. To read and confirm the meeting of the last AGM/SGM meeting.
  8. To record Minutes of meeting of MC,AGM,SGM meeting.
  9. To issue Share Certificate to member of Society.
  10. To Transfer Share Certificate within stipulated time.
  11. Deals with resignation , transfer of member of Society.
  12. To make entry of nomination on the Nominee Register and sign the Nomination Form.
  13. To supervise & to do inspection of flats of the Society.
  14. To issue notice to member for internal leakage and other repairs.
  15. To deal with out going of members by transferring flats after scrutinized the paper as per Bye-Laws.
  16. To deal with application of resignation of Membership.
  17. To prepare and raise Demand Notice [Bill] of Society Charges for Member and issue to all member on time.
  18. To bring notice of default payment before MC meeting.
  19. To take action against default Payment member by giving them Legal Notice U/S 101 for payment.
  20. To maintain following records for the Societies for better management   a] Account Records.  b] Members Records.  c] Statutory Records.
  21. To place complaints application with facts before the Committee.
  22. To put record for Auditing and get it finalize in the required manner.
  23. To bring breaches of Bye-Laws by the member before the Committee.
  24.  To prepare Audit Rectification Report on Audit Remarks.
  25. To produce record before Govt. Authorities with consent of Chairman.
  26. To give NOC for flat sale agreement OR NOC for loan on flats.
  27. To record mortgage of flat on Mortgage Register/ Loan Register.
  28. To take action against member who breaches Bye-Laws of Society as per decision of MC meeting.
  29. Maintains all other correspondence files, document etc.
  30. To issue letter of allotment of Flats OR cancellation thereof.
  31. Any other duties prescribed by Co-op. Law from time to time.
  32. If Secretary give resignation or remove from his/her post by passing a no confidence resolution by SGM/AGM then MC can make other person as Secretary among them and co-opt other member as MC member.No re election is required. 


  1. I am the member of Zarina Co-Op Housing Society, S.V.Road Bandra( W ) Mumbai 400050. There has been robbery at my place last month in the presences of watchman.The shopkeeper have encroached the illegal structures up-to 22 feet and from this illegal structures have become the easy passage for the robbers. I had given a written application to the society managing committee about the illegal structure but no action has been take. what should i do?

    1. You have to file complaint in MCGM regarding this illegal structure & also attached letter given to managing Committee so that MCGM will take action against that shopkeeper and MC Member.
      You can file case in consumer court against MC & Security service provider regarding deficiencies in service.

  2. If the secretary and chairman of our housing society refuse to give a "received "remark what can be done against them?

  3. You can send documents through Register AD Post. You can inform your Area Dy./Asst. Registrar C.S. regarding this

  4. The Chairman of our housing society wants to resign due to personal reasons. In this case can he appoint someone from the commitee as the Chairman so that the commitee continues smooth functioning without having to do re-elections. Does he have the powers in the byelaws to do so? Kindly suggest. Thanks.

  5. If he resign only from chairman post not from committee member then Managing committee can appoint any one person from committee as chairman. But he resign from both as chairman and committee member then re-election is only one solutions.

  6. I am the secretary of a housing society which comprises of 12 Wings. One representative from each wing is chosen and is a managing committe member. One such MC member representing a Wing is not getting well alongwith other members of the wings and recently created a furore by locking the terrace herself and giving bad words to wings members when approached for keys to terrace. After the incident MC member went to the police station and filed a doctored police complaint indicting 3 wings members who had opposed her. Now all wing members are united and want the removal of MC member. What is the most appropriate method to remove a MC member. Please advise

    1. Firstly MC Member can not be 12. It should be 11 only. You can remove the MC member by passing no confidence motion against him/her. 2/3 member out of total member has to sign the letter and submit the letter to Secretary of the society and ask him/her to call SAGM for this point and pass the resolution for this and give the copy to Dy. registrar of C.S. for approval.

  7. our society secretary is not a member his mother is member and he dont know english or any proper law or society corespondence in this case he is not ready to give resign say his mother gave a power of attorney please suggest in that what should we do

    1. Power of attorney will not work. Inform Dy. Registrar of C. S. Of your area to remove this secretary and take action against auditor who done audit of your society and not point this matter in audit memo.

  8. If the member is on third name in his flat registration , then he can be a secreatary ?

  9. I had purchase flat from investor during builder was there & obtain noc.& also.no transfer fees letter from him. Builder failed to form society & two years latter society formed & now society has issued share certificate on my orignal owner. During society formation my agreement was submitted . Now today 2nd agm held society is asking for transfer fees. So i want to confirm whether its valid or not.

    1. totally invalid since society formation your agreement is submitted so share certificate has to be your name only. No transfer premium applicable to you.

  10. There is a leakage from upper floor to lower but the person from upper floor is not allowing to enter our plumber to enter in the flat or always giving excuses of not available since last one month, so kindly advice me what action we can take as a secretary in this case.

  11. Inform the member that if he do not allowed to enter the society plumber enter in the flat and do the repair then society will inform the local police and under their supervision do the repair and cost of police will be charge to your bill

  12. i am the secretary of my building , the x secretary of our building was trying to do illegal construction and was trying to cover the passage we stopped her from doing it after that incident she is creating and lot of hassle in our work and misbehaving . she has prepared a letter with unwanted claims and accusition ad she is threatning us that she will file a complaint to the registrar. what can be done in such cases??

  13. First for trying this illegal construction give letter to your local municipal authority and make copy to Dy. Registrar of C.S. of your area & local police station.

    If Managing Committee are doing work as per bye-laws and law then no need to think about her claims. MC has to give another letter to Dy. Registrar and local police station that she is creating hassle in society day to day work and threatening them for doing work as per bye-laws and law since MC object her illegal work

  14. Dear sir
    managing commeety secretary and chairman have rights to stop renovation work if found illegal construction? or complain local authorities?

    1. Managing committee has write to stop the work if they found illegal construction and they have also rights to complaint against flat owner to local authority to take action as per MRTP Act.

  15. secretary and chairman can visit or check flat during renovations without owner permission?

  16. Dear Sir,
    Our society had dissed that on the terrace dish TV was not install because it caused leakage on terrace, and in our balcony & window we not have signal of Dish TV
    we want to install the Dish on parfait which is 5 fit above the terrace flower,
    and if the construction is not handle the 2 inch screw, than this buildings not safe of residence.
    So they force to get local cable.
    Kindly give your suggestion.

    1. Ask Managing committee to fixed common disk of any one co. on terrace. else show under which bye-laws or Court order managing committee are not allowing to install the dish on terrace