Sunday, 26 February 2012

Duties & Responsibilities of Chairman

Duties & Responsibilities of Chairman is as follow :-
  • The Chairman or President is a top person in the Managing Committee[MC].
  • He/She is over all supervisor of the Society.
  • He/She has to keep eye watch on complete function of the Society.
  • The Society has to give services as per object of the Housing Society for which it is registered as per Co-op. Law. If any malfunctioning then he/she is responsible for the same and answerable.
  • Chairman has Final Decision Power. Without his/her knowledge decision cannot be taken.
  • He/She is one of the signatory for Bank operation out of Joint Authority.
  • Chairman of the Society shall preside over all meeting of the MC AND ALSO AGM/SGM.
  • Every member has one vote but chairman is having decision vote i.e. 2 vote.
  • Chairman shall see that all records are maintained for management of the Society.
  • Chairman should see that audit of accounts of Society is done on time at each year and AGM is held every year on or before 14th August after audit.
  • He/She has to arrange welfare activities from time to time to keep good relations among all members.
  • He/She has to take initiative to hold meeting or order to Secretary to arrange MC  meeting every month.
  • In emergency the Chairman is entitled to exercise any of the powers of the MC.
  • Any such action taken by the Chairman has to be ratified by the MC in its next meeting.
  • Chairman post can not be vacant.
  • If Chairman give resignation or remove from his post by passing a no confidence resolution by SGM/AGM  then it is consider that all member of MC has given resignation or remove from their post. Society then take Election for new MC.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Working Duties, Type of work Done By Managing Committee

Managing Committee[MC] has to do following work from time to time for management of Society affairs.
1. To ensure to hold every month meeting of MC.
2. To raise Fund /Loan for the Society maintenance
3.To work out rate of following contribution and recommend it in General Body Meeting
   a. Sinking Fund
   b. Major Repair Fund
   c. Transfer of Flat Premium
   d. Common Electricity Charges.
   e. Service Charges
   f. Repairs & Maintenance Charges
   g. Non Occupancy Charges
   h. Parking Charges.
   i. Property Tax.
   j. Non Agricultural Tax.
   k. Water Charges.
   l. Late Payment Charges.
   m. Interest on Over Dues.
   n. Welfare Contribution. etc.
Committee prepares statement of Society Charges and place it before General Body for Approval
4. Makes decision of Investment of Fund, Utilization of Repair Fund from time to time
5. To consider and approve the expenses for the Society in last month
6. To consider and decide application of membership,associated membership and nominal membership
7. To consider nomination and revocation of nomination and record the same in minutes of MC Meeting.
8. To take care and action on Secretary Report in respect of inspection of flats.
9. To decide and consider various complaint done by the member.
10. To fix Society Charges on basis of proportion of flat area laid down in Bye-Laws.
11. To check position of recovery of Society Dues from member. To initiate action U/S 101 OF MCS ACT against default member
12. To ensure to hold AGM within the time i.e. on or before 14th August as per Bye-Laws.
13. To finalise the Agenda for AGM & SAGM
14. To call Special Annual General Meeting when it is required.
15. To keep update all Register , Records and other document which is necessary as per Bye-Laws
16. To make arrangement of Election of New Committee before expiry of the period. Submit M-20 Bond to Registrar office for New Committee member on Rs.100/- stamp paper for each committee member.
17. Secretary of the outgoing Committee shall prepare the list of papers and property of the Society in his/her custody and chairman of outgoing Committee hand over the charge of the office and all document to New Committee chairman.
18. To make selection of office bear of the Committee when it is vacant.
19. To consider resignation of a member of the MC.
20. To give document which is ask by member of the Society.
21. To consider resignation of a member of the Society.
22. To approve Investment in Bank.
23. To approve Accounts Report which is Audited.
24. To approve Audit Rectification Report on Auditor Remarks and submitting it to the Registrar
25. To operate Bank Account by joint signatures of Chairman and either by Secretary or Treasure from time to time.
26. To execute Deed of Conveyance of Land & Building in favour of the Society.
27. To take sufficient Insurance of Society Against Fire, Earthquake, flood and attacks
28. To take steps for maintenance of the Society Building.
29. To issue Show Cause Notice.
30. To give NOC for sale of Flat or give on sub-latting
31. To consider Transfer of flat application.
32. To consider Flat Mortgage application by member and give NOC for same
33. To do any other work, as per bye-Laws and Co-op law allows from time to time.
34. MC can decide for expulsion of member & can raise issue in General Body for Approval and then submitting it to the Registrar for Approval.
35. To make proposal before General Body for Amendment of Bye-Laws.
36. Call for General Body Meeting to pass Resolution for Changes of Bye-Laws as per order of the Registrar 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cessation of Membership [Nominal Member]

A nominal member cases to be nominal member under the following circumstances.
1. On his/her death.
2. On his/her resignation [after its acceptance by the committee]
3. When the original member ceases to be member.
4. If the nominal member is a sub-lettee, after the expiry of the period of subletting.
5. If there is a nominal member, occupying the flat on behalf of the Trust, Firm, Company or Any other Body Corporate on intimation from the original member of termination of the occupant's nomination.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Cessation of Membership [Associate Member]

An associate member of a housing society ceases to be an associate member under the following circumstances.
1. By resignation- Resignation will come into effect only after resignation is accepted by the committee.
2. On the death of a  associate member.
3. When the original member ceases to be a member.